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Special Offerings For CPA Firms



Based on a long history of working in the CPA industry, Seven Bridges offers the following value-add solutions to CPA firms

  • BPO Practice Consulting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Technology Governance Consulting

And Transforma™ – our proprietary CPA outsourced accounting transformation platform.

BridgeOS™ for CPAs is a unique platform offered by Seven Bridges Group to provide CPA firms with a frictionless pathway to achieving outsource accounting financial success Our platform consists of a range of services and adoption methodology that allows the firm to move at a speed most comfortable. Seven Bridges has the ability to fill any or all of needs, depending on how you choose to adopt the process. The core offerings of Bridge OS include:

  • Implementation
  • Application Management Services
  • Bookkeeping
  • Operational Accounting
  • Financial Statement preparation and technical accounting
  • Business Advisory Services

Get to the Market Quicker

BridgeOS™ allows your firm to quickly enter the market with a start-of-the-art solution and no cost outlay. You identify a prospect, we work together with our closing process which includes qualification and discovery.

You determine what of the above options you would like to provide, and we provide you a proposal for the remainder. You wrap our fee into your proposal and deliver the client.

When the prospect accepts the proposal, we manage the process of on-boarding We can work under a private label, under a partnership arrangement or a complete outsource solution —- your choice!


Transforma™ is Seven Bridges’ proprietary CPA Transformation Service. Our focus is working with CPA firms who are either exploring the launch of an outsourced accounting practice or have launched and want to drive growth.

There are two distinct components of Transforma™

• Plan, Measure and Hold Accountable – Using the principles of EOS (link, define), we work with leadership to define the vision, establish metrics for success and hold you accountable for achieving goals and objectives.

• Partner to Implement Your Roadmap – Once the direction and vision are set, Seven Bridges has a uniquely flexible model that allows for a quick entrance to the market, minimizing your risk and investment in establishing an outsourced accounting practice. We offer solutions for:

  • Sales and Sales Support
  • Discovery and Implementation
  • Application Support
  • Bookkeeping
  • CFO Services
  • Advisory Services

Your solution will be tailored to your unique needs based on many factors including ultimate outcome, investment available, resources on staff and others.