The Next Best Step To Frictionless Financial Operations

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My client is a CFO: Why is the CFO working late the night before exec meetings struggling to pull together even basic financial and operational reports that they know will get challenged by the other execs?

My client is a CEO: They’re always frustrated that before a major decision or board meeting – “My team struggles to pull together even basic financial and operational data in time to help me make decisions based on data that I can trust.”

The Challenge

When your client’s exec team does not have a consolidated, timely and accurate view of their finances, sales and delivery operations that helps run the business. So, what is your Best Next Step to help them get to a better place while laying the foundation so they are not struggling with the same issues going forward.

The Process

You know your client’s process is poor both within functions like accounting and sales and also across functions.

Pain: Can’t operate or improve if they have poor process within and between functions.

Obstacle: Difficulty consolidating financial and operational information from different systems. Lack ability to easily combine and slice and dice the data.

Solution: Be a trusted advisor to your client with the knowledge to design and implement the information flow.

The People

Your client’s people work hard but don’t have the knowledge, experience and skills to get them to the next level.

Pain: People lack the knowledge and skill to deliver what is needed today let alone what will be needed in the future. The need is to help to get them to the next level and to get the right people in the right seats.

Obstacle: upskilling or hiring takes time and does not ensure that your client will get the results they need.

Solution: Be the trusted advisor that provides fractional accounting, operations and systems skills and experience.

The Systems

Your client’s new and even their old systems are capable but are not delivering what they need.

Pain: Your client can’t improve if they don’t know how to get it done in a timely, low risk approach using the right level of tool at the right cost. They do know it’s using the richness of SaaS tools available today.

Obstacle: Your client lacks the expertise to decide if Systems have or lack the capabilities required to deliver what is needed today easily and timely let alone what advanced capabilities will be needed in the future.

Solution: Align with your client as a trusted advisor in an approach with common objectives to share risk.

Key Concepts

Why does company growth plateau or oscillate against a glass ceiling? Why is your client staying up till midnight before board meetings trying to pull together even basic RevRec and Reports that they know have inaccuracies and will be challenged by the exec team when they try to make the case for more investment in People, Process and Tools?

What is your Next Best Step?

Conduct a low risk Evaluation for your client. Avoid their people trying to muddle by? Does your client have a solid roadmap for their process, people and technology improvements? If not request your FREE EVALUATION today. We’re here to help!

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